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Port: 4518
Channel: WoW - World of Warcraft

This is a shared server, so please be respectful.
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Hey everyone. :)

Welcome to the Age of Consent website.

This guild was created in hopes of finding a community-style environment. One where the members are constantly accessible for any reason; be it a question, leveling, help with a quest, random dungeon queues, getting a raid together, forming a dance party.. anything. The whole point is to be creative and have a good time in how we interact with each other. 

So again, welcome to our website. Have a look around and don't forget to make an account so you can stop in at the forums and say hello. :)

Also, if you have any ideas for the guild (activities, raiding, contests, ranking) or this website, please leave a post in the forum* where it can be discussed. All ideas wanted and welcomed. 

*You must create an account and an admin must change you to Member status before being able to see the Member forum
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[yournamehere] Jenkins

soitis, Aug 9, 10 5:41 AM.
Fuck yes teamwork! 
(Kind of)

Even though the second raid of Molten Core may have failed at the end, Wreck, UglyB and Soupster were kind enough to help out getting  a few guildees the Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! Achievement*, including themselves.

*More information can be found here.

Ventrilo is up and running!

soitis, Aug 7, 10 8:08 PM.
We were finally able to land a Ventrilo server where we can chill. It is a friend of a friends server, so please be respectful and responsible. Talking is much easier than typing anyways, so come hang out!

Port: 4518
Channel: WoW - World of Warcraft 

Gracious Bank Donations

soitis, Aug 7, 10 7:26 AM.
I just wanted to have an official thank you for everyone who has been helping out with building up our bank items and money. 

Points of Recognition: 
- Thieve donated 250g for out second bank tab!
- Thanks to Byomfb* (100g), Wreckful (100g) and Aitwaa (200g) and their generous contributions, I have up'd the Member/Noble/Lieutenant repair withdraw from 1g to 5g per day.

Thank you again, everyone for helping to build up the basics!

*Byomfb is no longer a member of our guild.
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Crushridge (PvP)
Age of Consent is open to all players: any level, any class, any spec. Diversity is the name of the game.
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